April 6, 2009

Armageddon Weekend

On Sunday we shot the Impact Pro Wrestling matches at the Armageddon Expo and recorded several interviews as well. We want to thank IPW for being incredibly gracious and allowing us the opportunity to get as much close-up footage as we did. They performed some incredible work and we are really excited about what we have to edit with. Adam is working on a short montage of the weekend's highlights which we will upload here soon.
We also want to thank Armageddon organiser Bill Geradts for not only giving us permission to film at the event but also letting us interview him about how he sees wrestling fit in with the other expo displays.
Meanwhile here are a few photos from yesterday . . .

Dal Knox with the IPW Heavyweight Title Belt

(above) Adam and Shanan interviewing Dal Knox for the documentary

(above) Dion being interviewed about his role as wrestling commentator

(below) our camera operator Stephen getting shots of the action