August 12, 2009

KPW Training and Interviews

Last night we went to one of the regular training sessions which KPW (Kiwi Pro Wrestling) runs in Wellington.

(above) Max Damage puts the KPW crew through their paces.

We shot some great footage of the crew practising moves and holds and afterwards we were able to interview Max "The Axe" Damage and Jade Diamond about what made them interested in taking up professional wrestling and their experiences in the New Zealand scene.
(below) Mark Freemantle and Jimmy Van Der Roll lock-up as Max Damage looks on.
They were really open and honest and gave some great stories about their careers so far.
(above) Van Der Roll leap frogs over Mark Freemantle.

(above) Charlie Roberts catches Max Damage in a headlock.

(below) Max Damage reverses it into a Full Nelson.

Many thanks to Max and Jade but also KPW Promoter Rip Morgan and the rest of the KPW guys there last night.

(above) Jade Diamond sits down with Shanan for an interview after the training session.