August 6, 2010

Auckland Road Trip - Day Three

Johnny Garcia
Our road trip continued the following day as we made an excursion to Warkworth to visit Johnny Garcia (John Garea).
John began wrestling at an early age and quickly became a regular on the New Zealand circuit. He appeared frequently in On The Mat and also travelled to Australia, Sinagapore and the United States where he wrestled briefly in the WWF.

(right) Johnny Garcia in "On The Mat" bout from 1983.

Peter Lane
Next on our list was Peter Lane in Orewa.
Peter was a top amateur wrestler as a youngster and went on to star for Ernie Pinches in the middleweight division. In recent years Peter has been involved in local promotion IPW where he has passed much of his experience on to the next generation. Peter is also currently involved in the promotion as the manager of former New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Vinny Dunn.